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We recently had the opportunity to share a Gatton with Josh from  Stoked about this review.  He talks about briefing about TMG's process in rewriting the story... I am the new owner, we re-established in January 2015.  Josh talks about the Aesthetics, tone, and feel.  Click here for review - Rewriting The Story: TMG Guitar Co. Gatton Review I've included a short video that he's done as well. Enjoy! - read more

Transparency is Key Transparency at all levels is the quintessence of quality. Transparency says you don't have to cover or accentuate anything; the beauty within is all that is needed. When a guitar manufacturer seeks to make a drive unit, it is not to make a great pedal but to present the tone that is kept within the instrument. A transparent drive is not created to make you sound like anyone, other than your self. It lets your amp know how hard you are striking your strings or how your... - read more

TMG is more than a guitar builder, we are a family. For the past months we have been close friends with guitar player and producer Anthony Catacoli of the christian rock band Soulfire Revolution. They recently released their new single, Set the world on fire, that has quickly caught on in the Christian music industry. Anthony was kind enough to share with us a sneak peek of some of the history behind the song, and the new record that will be released late August under Dream Records. “Set the world... - read more

As some of you may know, TMG Guitar Co. Had a fresh beginning starting at Winter NAMM 2015 under new ownership and an entirely new team. We've taken the first half of the year to set our values, dreams, and ambitions for this brand. We are so excited to welcome you to our wonderful new website. Its been a long time coming and we are very proud of it. Hopefully you will find it very clean, inspiring, and easy to use. Please take a minute and check out the in depth descriptions of... - read more