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Artist Spotlight: Anthony Catacoli

TMG is more than a guitar builder, we are a family. For the past months we have been close friends with guitar player and producer Anthony Catacoli of the christian rock band Soulfire Revolution. They recently released their new single, Set the world on fire, that has quickly caught on in the Christian music industry. Anthony was kind enough to share with us a sneak peek of some of the history behind the song, and the new record that will be released late August under Dream Records.

“Set the world on fire is not just a song, but it's our prayer that people can awaken to the calling to make a difference in our generation. Its not just a song, its the anthem that we hope reaches out to people and awakens in them the legacy that Jesus Christ laid out for us to continue.” - Anthony Catacoli

The new single has grown on us here at TMG. We have a special place for it because SF succeeded at doing something not a lot of groups have been able to do, make P&W really epic. It has some really great grooves pushing the edge of conventional worship pairing sick beats and electric guitar creating a great dance/rock vibe. This translates across not only the single, but the whole new record will definitely have a great impact on you. Anthony was kind enough to answer a few questions.

TMG: So how do you feel now that you’re done with the record?

A: The truth? relieved, happy, sad, a bit anxious. (laughs) I can honestly say that there’s a ton of feelings going on inside the heart of the band right now, but we are mostly excited and grateful. We saw a lot of things go on the past few months that are nothing short of a miracle. Two of the band members, our leaders Lorena and Julian just became fathers for the 1st time and that only adds to the emotion we feel. Our family is growing, and we love what's happening right now. Its a new beginning for all of us.

TMG: Why combine EDM (Electronic Dance Music) with praise and worship?

A: We feel that EDM is always happy, upbeat and it speaks to this generation. I might have an idea of what music I like but praise and worship is not at all selfish. It’s about all of us connecting with our Creator, this also can signify that we have to use a means of strengthening that bond. There’s nothing more liberating than being able put your problems aside, and be able to feel like you can jump, shout, and sing to your hearts content with no prejudice. I’ve seen how much easier that is for people when they feel a strong beat can take them and I’d hope everyone can connect like that with this record.

TMG: We noticed that despite being electronic, there’s a lot of guitars on the record too. Can you tell us how that worked out for you guys?

A: Well EDM doesn’t have to be short on guitars. They can drive the song, they can add texture and ambience a keyboard could otherwise dream of. I would feel wrong not letting guitars play an important role on the record. So many worship bands are very guitar heavy, thanks to great guitar players like Nigel Hendroff, Jeffry Kundi, and so many other that have paved a road that has inspired us all. We’d want our music to be played so think it's important to keep the worship band spirit in mind.

TMG: So what was the go to axe on this recording?

A: Without being bias in any way, I’d have to say my TMG Guitar co. Dover was really important. The Dover covers so much ground, in worship people have gone for other kinds of guitars but we forget that before we had all those awesome hollow bodies on the market, the “s-style” guitar was the forerunner of the time. The Dover’s tone immediately connected me with the kinds of parts I loved back from tunes from the 1980’s, so we looked for an honest blend of the modern with the very hipster 80’s elements you see coming back now in music. Tone has context and the Dover worked well for the big ambient spreads, for the funky stuff, and for the big delayed parts. Even in deep worship it was awesome, never thin or brittle. I found all the 5 positions useful andl I guess that's why I was able to make it work for me now and not before.

TMG: We know you also play keys, does it ever get weird when you're doing both?

A: All the time! (laughs) I love both and they are an important part of me. I guess guitar has been very close to my heart over the last 3 years. I don’t practice as much piano as I did back in college but it's important nonetheless. I’ve rediscovered my passion for music with guitar and for now I guess that's how things are.

TMG: When will we expect the full record?

A: The full record will be titled “Afterglow” in english and “Tu Luz Brillara” in spanish. It will be officially released worldwide in late august. It was recorded live in Bogota, Colombia and the whole team is very anxious to share this with everyone. We hope it can really touch lives and set people's hearts on fire for God.

TMG is really happy for Anthony and the Soulfire Team, we loved this record and can’t wait for its official release, Till then, follow TMG Artist Anthony Catacoli and Soulfire Revolution on the social networks listed below and listen to their new Single, “Set the world on fire”

Set The World On Fire


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