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Selma is Back... Inspired Devices for Inspired Musicians.

Transparency is Key

Transparency at all levels is the quintessence of quality. Transparency says you don't have to cover or accentuate anything; the beauty within is all that is needed. When a guitar manufacturer seeks to make a drive unit, it is not to make a great pedal but to present the tone that is kept within the instrument. A transparent drive is not created to make you sound like anyone, other than your self. It lets your amp know how hard you are striking your strings or how your volume and tone knobs are working with your dynamics to bring forth what you, the player, are feeling inside. All of these attributes were considered in the creation of the Selma Transparent Drive. 

Tone at all Levels

Whether on stage, in the studio or your living room your tone is what matters most. The TMG Selma will keep your tone intact while giving you the freedom to fatten up your sound with a little saturation from the gain knob. We made sure there is everything from a little drizzle to all out harmonic heaven. Drive your amp to break up or give a subdued amp the body it is missing. We are certain you will love Selma.  

Simplicity and Structure

No need for a tone knob when the EQ is perfectly flat. You will find the Selma’s sleek design and layout to be very aesthetically pleasing. A single knob for Volume and another for Gain. Simply set the drive on the pedal for your desired saturation and then boost the output until your amp tells you its all good. Remember the Selma isn’t there is give you extra tone, it is there to enhance your playing style and make your instrument shine. 

The Selma Transparent Drive from TMG Guitar Co, Perfection as Tone.

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