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"Upon opening the case, the guitar looks just fantastic!! The relic finish on the body was one of the best I’ve seen. Not overdone, to the point where it looked fake, but really believable wear. The oxidation on the hardware was fantastic, and really gave it an authentic look. The weight of the guitar was just perfect….not heavy at all, but substantial enough that I wasn’t afraid to really dig in and play hard. The neck is one of THE most comfortable necks I’ve ever played. It just felt like a worn in baseball glove…smooth and just fits your hand so well. You can really tell the neck was really worked, and a lot of care taken putting it together. The pickups are the key to the whole guitar…they are just FANTASTIC!! Perfect tele twang in the bridge, but such a clarity and punch…absolutely fantastic."

Andy Berg / Minneapolis, MN 04/28/2015

"I wish I knew how to put this. But this is literally my dream guitar. Never in my whole entire life have I seen played or felt something that is nearly like a religious experience. This guitar isn't just an instrument it is a true work of art."

Chase Bryant / Professional Musician

"Dude! That guitar plays like a dream. Your work on that guitar is phenomenal and it definitely shows! As soon as I get pics back I'll blast out on social media but even just at the show yesterday, I was able to showcase it to other artists and had 3-4 players ask me about it! I told them about the company and pickups and my experience with it. I couldn't be happier with that axe!"

Kevin Smith / Two Way Crossing

"So I’ve wanted a TMG for a long time! When I finally saw that there were a few here in LA I just went crazy and tried them and just fell in love! It just beat anything that was similar to it! So this year of 2015 I pushed my friend to let me buy his gatton and lets just say I don't want to put it down! The guitar plays amazingly!! great tone!! I was astonished by how well they all sounded. Every TMG I've tried sounds great! Easily my desert island guitar! I loved my first one so much I ordered another directly from TMG."

Isaac Garcia

"Dude that site is legit! excellent job!! I must say, I am really glad that you took over the brand and have gone to the lengths you have to not only keep the brand alive but to also restore the faith of previous customers. I will admit I was worried for a little while that maybe I had made a mistake with how I had "invested" my money. But I'm really glad I stuck through it and that you did too. The site looks awesome and the guitars are looking just as incredible as ever. Looking forward to all the great things to come out of TMG in the future and to hopefully ordering a custom built one some day too."

Eric Lott

"Hands down one of the best guitars I’ve ever seen, played or owned. From the stunning flamed neck to the realistic relic job, this guitar is stellar. Super light and resonant. Jonathan is a phenomenal person to work with and can build whatever dream guitar you have in mind and then some. Needless to say, the second you open up the case for the first time it’s going to blow your mind."

Daniel Delgado

"Hey man received the guitar and it is amazing!! By far the best playing and sounding I’ve played! Thank you so much for such an amazing instrument, I was kinda guessing with what to get to match the sound in my head but it’s totally there!

Tim Smock

"I've believed for the longest time that the relationship between guitarist and guitar is not simply a static bond. Something inexplicable happens in the meeting of flesh and wood that goes deeper than a simple playing of strings. Something deeper. My first experience with my Ronnie Scott echoed these sentiments. At first sight, the guitar was perfect. From the carefully relic'd neck to the hand wound P-90 pickups I knew I had something special. The RS spoke of a much older, weathered guitar despite being built for me in under 3 months. I have yet to put it down. The boys at TMG have created an instrument that comes stock with the potential to live a full and explored musical life under my care. I'm looking forward to it."

Phil Maucieri

"Just got the "Jenny" gatton today... Man it is awesome... Totally exceeded my expectations... I can't say enough how much of a great experience it was ordering both my TMG's from you. Can't wait to get another started soon."

Ben Honer

"Pedal got there on Mon. Can't wait to get back to play it!!! Thx for checking in with me bro. Ur def going the right direction for redeeming the TMG name."

Scott Russell

"Got it! She's beautiful! Thank you soooo much! I really appreciate it and love being apart of TMG! So glad I listened and gave you guys a chance! I don't regret it one bit!"

Braxton Turner / Aug, 2015

"Dude I'm loving it! Definitely not going anywhere. I can honestly say after playing 4 Elliott's this weekend, and a veritas, TMG and suhr are my favorite guitar brands."

Rodney Carmichael / Oct, 2015


"From beginning to end my experience with TMG has been amazing! TMG’s attention to detail and customer satisfaction is what made the building process seamless. I was updated frequently on the building status, was updated with pictures, and was contacted right away with any questions. Once the guitar arrived I have not been able to put it down. It surpasses my expectations. The guitar feels amazing, it sounds phenomenal and I couldn’t be happier. The guys at TMG have rebirthed this amazing brand and improved the experience. I am proud of my guitar, proud of TMG, and grateful for the friendships established during the build. A company that values the customer and their product always succeeds."

Josh Granados / Oct, 2015

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