TMG Guitar Co.

We believe that something with this type of detail can’t be done by a hi-tech robot. Real American quality was based on people making things for other people. For every guitar that comes out of our shop, we strive to make sure that they all have that human touch. We employ real craftsmen who can make decisions based on real standards, who can admire the art and decide to keep whats working, and then patiently wait till it's perfected.

    Nitrocellulose Paint's History

    The history of nitrocellulose paint is closely related to the automobile industry of the 1950’s. At the time the big car builders in Detroit had a huge hold of the industry using beautiful finishes that were highly marketed at the time. All the cars of the time used nitrocellulose paint, it was the best combination of pigment, binder (also known as resin), and solvent. The only color that were typically made in house by the guitar manufactures of the time were Sunburst and Blond. The rest of the custom colors had been inspired by what everyone was was raving about, cars. Nitrocellulose dries fast, looked great, could be rubbed-out to remove minor scratches and dullness, and it spot repairs easy. This made it a natural choice for cars. For guitars, it proved to be a just as important due to its ease of use. The way it binds to the woods has also proven to promote the wood’s natural resonance, and not deprive it of the essential vibrations that have to occur between the body and the strings. Not only have we decided to bring this tradition of custom paint colors, we also have faithfully adopted the techniques of the time to bring a guitar that not only looks stunning, but also carries the spirit of the age when it was 1st conceived.

    Below are a few examples of our in-house colors named after the originals. Many custom colors are available upon request.